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An update regarding the policy of Ukrainian citizens' employment in Israel as of 12/26/2022

This policy is valid until 1/31/2023.

According to the Population and Immigration Authority's policy update regarding Ukrainian citizens staying in Israel, no enforcement actions will be taken against the employment of Ukrainian citizens who entered Israel until September 30, 2022, provided that 90 days have passed since they entered Israel and they have a Ukrainian passport.

It should be clarified that the employment of Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Israel after this date will be enforced, even after 90 days of their arrival in Israel and without a policy change.

It should also be noted that as stated in the publication dated August 31, 2022, all citizens of Ukraine in Israel whose employment, as stated above, is not enforced in light of the policy above, will be subject to the provisions of the procedure "The handling of establishing conditions for geographic demarcation and handling of licenses of asylum seekers and infiltrators" (procedure numbered 10.1.0025), regardless of the validity and type of license granted to them.

Please note that the employer must check that the employee holds a Ukrainian passport and has been in Israel for more than 90 days.

Furthermore, it was decided to extend the type B/2 visit licenses (tourist visas) of Ukrainian citizens who legally stayed in Israel on the day the war started or entered after it until 1/31/2023.

The policy will be re-examined at the end of this period according to the latest data.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

עו"ד שקמה אהרון דוד

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