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The place where professionalism, humanity and extensive legal knowledge meet
משרד עו"ד שקמה אהרון דוד מתמקד בתחומי הגירה לישראל, אשרות עבודה וכן בקשות לקבלת אזרחות בישראל. בנוסף המשרד מתמחה בייצוג בכל הקשור לדיני עבודה, משפט אזרחי-מסחרי וכן נדל"ן.
Adv. Shikma Aharon David


Our firm provides legal advice and assistance to international companies and private clients in labor and immigration law, including advice and assistance in international transactions and mergers and acquisitions, work visas for foreign workers, arranging legal status in Israel of individuals and foreign spouses of Israeli citizens, new immigrants, and everything related to personal status in immigration. .

Our firm was established on the basis of a belief that the role of the lawyer is to produce legal solutions tailored to the needs of each client, in an efficient and simple manner.

The close ties with government ministries and relevant authorities in Israel, along with a deep familiarity with the corresponding factors in many countries around the world, enable our firm to issue work permits and work visa of all kinds quickly and efficiently.

Adv. Shikma Aharon David established the firm after gaining many years of experience in leading law firms in Israel (HFN Law Firm and GKH Law Firm).

Our Core Values


With the experience and knowledge we have accumulated, we set ourselves high professional standards, advocating maximum investment in each case, with the goal of achieving the best for each client while overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way.

Integrity and fairness

We believe that quality, humane and professional customer service comes along with integrity and fairness, without sacrificing down to the smallest details of every agreement and document produced by us.


Labor law - for your peace of mind

The Labor Law Department in our office provides a comprehensive and complete legal service in everything related to hiring and recruiting employees, employing them, terminating their employment, retiring and more. The firm's client list includes Israeli companies as well as international companies operating in Israel. Our specialization includes, among other things, full focus and familiarity with all aspects of employment and work – private and collective.

Immigration to Israel - commercial, professional, or personal

The Immigration Department in our office is among the only ones in Israel that specialize in the field of immigration law and Israeli citizenship.

Adv. Shikma Aharon David has specialized for many years, representing Israeli companies, and multinational companies in obtaining work permits for managers, executives, or employees with unique expertise and knowledge.

In addition, the firm accompanies and advises private clients regarding personal Israeli immigration matters, while paying special attention to the sensitive nature of immigration issues that affect individuals and their families.

What We Do

Our firm provides comprehensive legal advice for the international mobility of foreign professionals and individuals regarding a broad range of Israeli immigration matters.

Israel immigration legal services:

  • Work visas under the Law of Return.
  • Citizenship (aliya), temporary and permanent residence visas under the Law of Return.
  • Assistance in applying for Israeli passports and travel documents in exceptional circumstances.
  • Work permits and visas for foreign experts.
  • Entry visas for business visitors and tourists.
  • Temporary and permanent residence permits for foreign spouses and domestic partners.
  • Representation regarding inadmissibility and detainment matters.
  • Representation of employers and employees within the scope of immigration violations and administrative appeals in court and at government offices.
  • Population Registry matters and document procurement.


28HaArba'a street, Tel Aviv
(The North building 5th floor)
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